What's next for Virginia — Editorial

Dems see gains in Virginia's House of Delegates

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In Virginia, there was a pure test of this.

He also perceptively observed that the Republican Party had an outdated picture of the suburban voter. Signs last Tuesday suggested voters "of color" and younger people were simply driven by growing anxiety over President Trump, using races in places like New Jersey, Virginia, Philadelphia, and elsewhere to channel discomfort with the country's overall direction since last November. Thus, you can expect that any Republican held districts where Hillary outperformed Trump in 2016 are going to flip, if they haven't already done so.

Obama suffered particularly hard down-ballot.

Despite the criticism, Gillespie did, in more ways than one, embrace what Trump stands for, even if he didn't welcome Trump into the state to rally voters on his behalf. That Gibraltar turned out to be made of sand. Pro growth, all the things that we really like. They came out of it with almost no margin at all. They're leaving from all over the map, from southern New Jersey to southern New Mexico. That task falls in most states to state legislatures and the state's governor. Given that many of these positions have four-year terms, those elected this week will still be in office when the actual redistricting process begins.

Northam could be well-prepared for such an exigency.

Hannity then dropped the subject for the rest of his show. We'll find out soon enough. I have been here for 53 years. Just 37 percent of Americans have a favorable view of the Democratic Party - about the same as with Trump, but better than the GOP's 30 percent. This will have real-world impacts. Democrats rode an electoral wave to a legislative impasse. Northam, sensing this, moved toward Gillespie's position as the campaign went on.

Nevertheless, the person argued that Democratic wins should not be seen as a referendum on Trump and offered several reasons why.

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And in New Jersey, a true-blue state, the only Republican politician who was repudiated on Tuesday was Mr. Unpopularity himself, outgoing Gov. Chris Christie.

That's the good news for Democrats. That makes sense — but its a result hardly unique to Trump.

Then there was the Republican messenger. In Washington state, Democrats have flipped the state Senate and will take control of the entire Washington state government. Chief among them: Medicaid expansion. Ulibarri said now that he's in office with a record to exploit, his Democratic candidates avoided Trump's personality altogether.

A serious repudiation of Donald Trump?

Most of those leaving are in very safe Republican seats.

Is this the perfect storm for tax reform? And to loathing for Donald Trump, which helped drive turnout.

But departures will also complicate Republican efforts to hold the House. Instead, one out of every 12 so far are quitting.

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