Trump caught on tape complimenting Macron's wife's body

Here are photos from Trump's swanky Eiffel Tower dinner

The Particular Grossness of Trump Telling Brigitte Macron That She's “In Such Good Physical Shape”

Video footage posted on the French government's official Facebook page showed Trump, French President Emmanuel Macron and their wives chatting after their tour of the museums at Les Invalides. He repeated the comment to Emmanuel Macron before turning back to Trogneux to remark, "Beautiful".

That is unless you're Donald Trump, who stood their unsmiling, possibly even unaware of what was actually going on.

The Bastille was built in 1300 at the time when the war against the English was ongoing.

"Politics is not the nicest business in the world", Trump said in Paris on Thursday.

"Our occasional disagreements are nothing compared with the immortal bonds of culture, destiny and liberty that unite strongly unite us".

Macron made a point of detailing both the long history of ties between France and America and the areas where he and Trump disagree as he hosted the U.S. president for a Bastille Day visit.

He defended his son's decision to meet a Russian lawyer to get compromising material on Clinton by saying it was "standard" practice in politics.

Philippe rappelle gentiment Bayrou à l'ordre
Je comprends parfaitement que l'homme qu'est François Bayrou ait été agacé par la façon dont les questions étaient posées . C'était un moment crucial pour le garde des Sceaux qui avait soumis son ralliement à Emmanuel Macron à cette réforme.

During his speech, Mr Macron thanked the French emergency services, who he described as the "army of freedom".

This year's Bastille Day parade has dual symbolism: Not only does it celebrate July 14, France's most important holiday, marking the storming of the Bastille prison in 1789, which helped spark the French Revolution.

Earlier, the day had begun with a private interfaith gathering with representatives of seven religions.

As Trump was introduced to Macron's wife Brigitte, he said: "You're in such good shape".

Macron, meanwhile, appears to be the figure of Bastille Day joy - and is seen grinning throughout the performance. "The presence at my side of Donald Trump and his wife is a sign of our friendship that travels time".

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