MUD to hold plebiscite against Maduro's Constituent Assembly plans

Bolivarian National Police carry a demonstrator on their motorcycle after they detained him during protests in Caracas Venezuela Saturday

Pope Francis appeals for peace, reconciliation in Venezuela

The 36-year-old elite cop, speaking in front of a Venezuelan flag and with a machine gun by his side, said: 'The moment is now, not tomorrow.

The attacks were clearly motivated by political opposition to the government.

1830 - Venezuela breaks away from the federation to become an independent republic.

They injured at least three opposition lawmakers who stumbled bloodied and dazed around the assembly's corridors, witnesses said.

Small explosions - possibly from fireworks - could be heard throughout the building, says Reuters.

Protesters blame Maduro for a desperate economic crisis, but he claims the chaos is the result of a US-backed capitalist conspiracy by the opposition.

People attack a government supporter after the storming of the National Assembly. Last week the government banned the prosecutor from leaving the country and froze her assets.

Cardinal Urosa condemned the government's repressive tactics in the face of public protests, and charged that the regime of President Nicolas Maduro is seeking "to establish a totalitarian Marxist militaristic system" and using "illegal resources to dismantle the state".

Opposition legislator Luis Stefanelli, centre, tries to shield an injured government supporter.

Venezuela's opposition alliance is planning to hold an unofficial plebiscite on July 16 to gauge support for a national unity government.

Ortega boycotted the hearing, calling it "a circus".

He urged Venezuelans to stand firm in the streets in protests against President Maduro.

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In a bid to oust Maduro from power, legislators have resorted to a variety of strategies, but most were struck down by the judiciary as unconstitutional.

Venezuela has been the scene of intense anti-government protests for more than two months. But, though 20 OAS member states supported the resolution, ten did not, owing to their dependence on Venezuelan oil and financing.

Pope Francis' appeal for peace comes several days after Cardinal Jorge Urosa Savino of Caracas said President Nicolas Maduro's actions are "a government war against the people".

The opposition wants to ramp up pressure ahead of Maduro's planned vote on July 30 to elect members of a new, controversial legislative superbody with powers to rewrite the constitution.

Americo De Grazia is placed on a stretcher outside the Congress in Caracas. It has dispensed tons of tear gas at the daily marches and demonstrations, and fired thousands of bullets, both rubber and real; at least 78 people have been killed since the unrest began in April.

On June 27, Perez and unidentified accomplices flew over Caracas in a police helicopter and dropped four grenades on the Supreme Court before opening fire on the interior ministry.

In 2015, he produced and starred in a film called Suspended Death, and several photos show him in fatigues, scuba diving while toting an assault rifle, skydiving and standing in action poses with a German shepherd by his side.

"That Zero Hour is activated, we call on all the people to decide which way is that of the nation".

Maduro said a massive loss of life was avoided because Venezuela's air defence system was quickly activated. Laurie Moon Holt on Monday said her son "had an accident in the prison".

He also demanded the immediate resignation of Maduro and the convening of "general elections".

He added: "How can we believe these countries that defend human rights [one day] and the next they pretend to have dementia?"

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